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Consulting Services

We take a strategic approach to helping you launch or expand your event. From concept fulfillment to assembling the team of contracted professionals who will play critical roles in helping you and your staff meet your objectives, our expertise allows us to see the big picture, anticipating potential pitfalls. Regardless of the size and scope of the project, GEM can help you through the maze of planning details, equipped to handle:

  • Concept development & strategy

  • Market research

  • Budget formulation

  • Facilities, contractor & speaker/artist negotiation

  • Outsourced event management

  • Supplier RFPs

  • Comprehensive operations oversight, especially on site


With years of experience in international exhibitions connected with conventions and conferences, GEM is prepared to:

  • Design floor plans to maximize traffic flow & exhibitor satisfaction

  • Obtain bids from exhibit equipment suppliers, freight handlers & security firms for your selection

  • Through Webinars and in-person seminars, train your exhibitors to be better salespeople, thus increasing their ROI at your show and making sure they’re return customers

  • Serve as your floor manager:

    • Supervise all freight & equipment movement on site, from installation to dismantle

    • Enforce exhibit rules & regulations

    • Mediate exhibitor disputes

We work with you to maximize expo traffic and work with exhibitors to maximize their results, even through pre-show training workshops.